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Is the Medela electric breast pump any good?

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You have probably heard that Medela breast pumps are the best on the market but you have also probably heard that about other pumps as well. Therefore, who do you believe and how are you supposed to make a decision. This article discusses the specific features of medela pumps that make them the best breast pumps around.

Medela electric breast pumpFirst, performance is the most important factor when choosing a good electric breast pump and the Medelas perform beautifully. The Medela in Style, the Medela Single Deluxe and the Medela Swing all contain motors that are very durable and are made to endure the stress of everyday use. The motors just don’t quit and all of them are very quiet. They create fewer decibels than a coffee maker. In addition, the motors create suction with different power levels at different times during the pumping session to mimic a baby’s suckling. They pump stronger and faster at the beginning to begin the natural flow of milk, then slower with less suction. There’s even a letdown period where they allow the milk ducts to slowly and naturally stop the flow.

Comfort is another huge factor. Even though you may be using an electric pump, your hands and arms can still become very sore from holding the breast cups to your breasts for an extended period of time. The Medela pumps allow you to position your hands facing inward which is a natural position. Your hands do not get sore. Plus, the breast pumps are made of a very soft plastic that do not dig into your skin like other pump cups do.

Lastly, the milk collection and storage system are great. They do not leak at all, even when held at an angle. And unlike other pumps, it is very easy to disassemble the tubing from the breast cups for washing purposes. Also, they are designed to use gravity to help with the collection rather than be a hindrance.

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September 25th, 2016 at 8:17 pm

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